Medford, New Jersey

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POLYROCK Specialty Techniques

Industrial Concrete Floor Polishing

Concrete polishing requires extreme down pressure and high rotational speeds.

Don't be fooled by those little dry grinding machines. Grinding dry results in "glazed over" diamonds that only leave a resin film over your floor preventing penetration of sodium silicate hardeners. Preferred wet grinding keeps diamonds cool and exposed to deliver optimum performance.

With the ONLY three existing 7500 lb, 11' wide grinders and polishers, POLYROCK has raised the bar to unreachable levels for the competition. We deliver superior production rates; but more importantly, unmatched product consistency.
Diamond Head Polisher

Epoxy Floors

Polyrock truckPOLYROCK offers resurfacing with 100% solid epoxy. The power of owning our own equipment and crews equals big production rates with controlled quality and lets us deliver the service at reasonable costs.

Whether it's quartz floors for the pharmaceutical industry, 1/4" Novelac floors for fork truck docking stations and/or troweled urethane cements for the harshest environments in the food industry, POLYROCK delivers proven flooring solutions.


Shotblasting is an absolute must prior to placing an epoxy floor.

The lighter the shotblasting + a thinner epoxy floor = closer to failure and short floor life.

Prepare the floor properly + 30 to 250mls of epoxy = Great Long Lasting Floors.

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