Medford, New Jersey

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POLYROCK Coatings 25 - 30ml

"Epoxy Coatings" is a very vague term. Let POLYROCK help you decide what your options are. A balance of the proper concrete prep with the finish of a variety of coatings can provide a great return on your dollars.

POLYROCK Epoxy Coatings

If a thin ml epoxy coating fits your needs, please do not discount on the preparation. A properly shotblasted floor requires 30mls of epoxy at a minimum to hide shotblast lines. Trying to shave a few pennies per s.ft. by going thinner will gain you dollars; however, the equation given by a less aggressive preparation and a thinner epoxy equals less floor life in the long run.

If your existing concrete is hard and sound, a hybrid of our polishing techniques finished with a clear or pigment sealer may be the avenue to pursue for best results. Please read about POLYROCKing your floor and/or Resurfacing with 3/16 - 1/4" trowelable systems before you make your choice.

Grind, polish and a clear coat is always an option

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