Medford, New Jersey

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POLYROCK is your total industrial floor finishing company, serving primarily the Northeast through Mid-Atlantic region. We offer a full range of sales, installation and service.

With over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, warehousing and industrial production markets, POLYROCK is the leading floor polishing company in the country and offers solid flooring solutions installed in a timely fashion.

Remember, the best coating is NO coating.


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Industrial Warehouse before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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Processing Area before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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Loading Dock / Warehouse before ... then POLYROCK'd (175,000 s.ft. in about 2 weeks !!)

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Printing Facility before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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Automotive Service Center before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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Tile and Mastic Removal Project before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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Cold Joint Leveling before ... then POLYROCK'd (100,000 s.ft. in 5 days!!!)

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Mega Food Chain before ... getting POLYROCK'd!

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'Pours Gone Bad' before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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Nissan Service Area before ... then POLYROCK'd!

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